About us

While being involved in WWII, he was 100 days in combat and was captured while on patrol one night. During the Next 100 days he was moved about in Germany and finally walked away from his captors during the closing days of WWII.

Jay came back to Iowa and taught country school again at the state line school north of Lake Park, until it closed. He then went to work selling tires for Montgomery Wards in Spencer.

Jay’s half brother Leroy Tinkcom and himself opened the restaurant on April 15th, 1946. There he was taught by his future mother-in-law Rose Brinkert, Graen Green to make gravies, soups and pies and the start of Jay’s Restaurant (Standard Cafe). Along the way in June of 1946 he married Marilynn Graen.

Terry and Deb Jaycox started running the night business in 1978 and did not buy Jay’s until full retirement by Jay and Marilynn on July 1st 1986.

Jay’s offers roast beef sandwiches, hand cut steaks, broasted chicken, fresh ground beef and a three meat buffet Monday thru Friday starting at 11 am till 1:30pm. This buffet is expanded to 7 Entrees with all the trimmings on every Sunday.

With nightly specials, a special Saturday night menu weekly and great breakfast served 7 days a week. Jay’s is the place to go.